Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Christmas Cheer...

Next to the Wii, which we found...there is also one elusive gift for the 7-10 year old boy. Any moms know know I'm talking about? That's right those little round, kind of lame if you're a girl, Bakugans! We had Bakugans when you could run the the Walgreens and pick up as many as you wanted. Now...good luck. Well, luck is just what I had this week. I ran into Target just as the toy guy was ripping boxes open and voila....Bakugans. I picked up 5! Very nice.

Now, any ideas on Wii games? Hmmmm. Since the husband is deploying in January... again, there will be no Guitar Hero. I'm just getting kid games. Ok, maybe Madden 09 for him.

The Uro and Nephrology appointments went ok, well wait for scan results. That's where I cross my fingers and say a prayer. She's getting older and she's just so over it all. She told her doctors she wants plastic surgery to remove all her scar tissue and she knows she'll be fine. Yikes. I keep telling her she's fine, but she's unhappy. What happens when she needs another surgery? It's not if, but when. Sigh. One day at a time.

Ok...and not to forget my little ones, I'm getting slammed with 4th grade division and trading Bakugans on the playground or bus is killing me. The boy gets a total pat down before he gets on the bus! No sneaking toys allowed. LOL.


aprilbapryll said...

Mario Kart is super fun, as was Rampage but I don't know if you could find it in the stores (maybe online?). Mario Party is fun, but mostly for 4 or more people. If you get a Wii Fit, that's lots of fun too :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Thanks April! Mario Kart is perfect,plus Carnival has been wish listed along with Mario Galaxy! The Fit looks awesome for me! I can't wait.