Monday, November 17, 2008

Imagine Delivering Your Own Baby!!!!!!!!

So much has happened in the last few days. My oldest friend, Kasey, has had her baby boy Maveric. They are both healthy and happy. He is a miracle. The way this sweet little soul came into this world that will give you chills.

She had been in and out of the hospital L&D floor many times over the past few weeks. She was ready to have that baby. More than ready. Finally, on Saturday morning she was ready for him. According to the nurses, though, she needed to go home and wait through the contractions a little more. Frustrated she went home. Her husband had to go fight fires (so cal fire fighter) so she did a little retail therapy at Target. Yes...your right...our kind of girl.

Later Saturday afternoon she was done...ready...and in tears. She dropped her girls off with her family and made it to the hospital. Her contractions were two minute apart. TWO MINUTES. What do you think happened. They got her hubby there off a helicopter and told her to walk around a little more. Then guess what? Can you guess? She was told to GO HOME! That's right friends...two minutes of contractions and she was to go home until they got HARDER. Holy Crap.

It took no time to get home and I spoke to her at 6:30 her time right after that. She was crying and out of it. They also gave her AMBIEN. She got in the tub and had her Ambien and was ready to try and lay down. What happens? That's right Water Breaks Everywhere. She got hubby and they got into car. Well this is where it gets freaky.

My friend felt the head come out....hubby driving...she had to take it. Then she told him the shoulders were there. Then her sweet baby was delivered.

KASEY DELIVERED HER OWN BABY!!!!!!! They pulled up to the ER baby with umbilical cord attached in her arms, delivered by her! She delivered her own baby.

She's amazing...truly amazing....and a wonderful wonderful mother.


GingerSnaps said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a woman!

That is an amazing story. Whew!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Oh and she's already lost 12lbs..LOL!

Choppzs said...

I couldn't imagine. She should sue them assholes at the hospital, that could have totally put them all in danger! I am glad they are all healthy and happy and I tip my hat to any woman that can do that! lol

Dottie said...

Wow, what an unbelievable and amazing story! I am so glad that they are doing well. What a story she will have to tell her little guy when he grows up.

Dottie said...
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