Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Teeth, A Reunion, and Teeth...Oh My!

I've been MIA due to the mouth issues. I'm feeling much better now, though! Woohoo!

Who knew my mouth would hurt so much from "tooth pain?" It should be considere tooth hell an torture. Yes, you know the whole backstory on the wisdom teeth issues...so I won't go into it anymore. Let me just say...Holy Crap. Ok..I'm done. :)

Now, to go to the 20th reunion or not to go? I'm curious..yes. It's just a little bit of a logistical issue. Hmmmm. Ok, I'm going to make a final decision super soon. I'm just not totally sure.

Finally...I just thought I'd share some pics from Mocha's birthday party. What...you don't have birthday parties for your dogs? I'm a push over. The kids totally talked me into this one an I said...why not? It was cute, though...and we had cake. :)

Talk to you soon....I'm going to bed.


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The Woman said...

doesn't that puppy look so cute in that hat

Dottie said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better.

Mocha looks so cute and the kids obviously adore her! We had b-day parties for our dog when we were growing up. :)

We just lost our Mocha last month :(