Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blisters From Mac N Cheese

What do you think happens when you decide to make your kids Mac N Cheese for lunch and then go to stir noodles only to have scalding water splash on your light cotton blouse you're wearing? Well as soon as you can grab your burn'll have a nice little blister develop on your sensitive tummy skin.

How do I know this.....I have said little blisters on my tummy as I type.

I'm one little lucky duck, with all the smoothness of Marth Stewart..LOL.

Oh and I choose not to discuss the war tonight. The husband has totally fired me up tonight by telling me...keeper of the daily emails...that he is voting for...mmmmmmm I better not say who, but I'm pissed.

That's a topic for another day.

Until next time.
Go Barack....

1 comment:

The Woman said...

ouchy, hope your tummy is better