Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weiner Dude Dances...

Hi Friends!

I've been MIA. Life has been going on here and I've been trying to keep up with it. I'll just say quickly.....Hi Tammy! LOL. Yes, I was told to get back to blogging! :)

So, at this moment I'm listening to my middle one cry because the Polly Pockets and the doll house were all messed up becaused her brother kicked it over "on accident." Lovely.

Here's another thing that happened. I was called by the boys teacher it went like this.

Her: Mrs. Me It's Mrs. Teacher.

Me: Hi (crap what did he do now)

Her: He's been a really good boy today, BUT I put an animal movie on and he jumped on his chair and grabbed his private part and started to dance. Does he have brothers?

Me: Hmmm no brothers but 5 boys next door. (hmmm speechless.)

Her: Well that's where he must have learned it from. He's embarassed I called. (she starts laughing)

Me: (At least she doesn't think I teach him Weiner Dude Dances)

Yes...that is my boy. Got To Love It.

Until tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie... Yea, I've missed reading you. I'm one of those lurkers who reads (and appreciates) but never comments.
Hugs! T

The Kept Woman said...