Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mrs. Moskowitz

My Youtuber of choice is Mrs. Moskowitz. She's teaching me how to knit. That pic you see is an illustration of my "cast on row." I 'm working on the throw knit stitch. I think that's what you call it. Pretty cool.

Anyhoo...waiting for the plumber. My washer is done. I threw a blanket in there, oh yeah a chenille blanket. Yep. You guessed. It melt/died/disintergrated. The drain is clogged. Sigh.

I'm back to coffee, Mrs. Mosckowitz, and my Matt (Lauer that is.)



1 comment:

Dottie said...

Good luck with the knitting. I once learned just enough to make a dish cloth but I have no patience for that sort of thing.

Hope you were able to get your washer fixed.