Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have You Started?

...Christmas/Holiday Shopping that is!

I'm totally on it this year. Did you know that so many toys go on Clearance about right now? I didn't until I walked into Walmart through the garden entrance. They have Barbies, Fairies, Babies (even Baby Alives.!) Tons of boy stuff, but my boy is easy. So that is my tip of the day to you. Oh...I love to do my Xmas shopping online. Check there too. Same clearance items, Plus more! How can a toy be clue, but they are. Deals for us.\

Ok Baby Alive is the toy of the year in this house. My girl wants one badly. Remember when we were little the Baby Alives were the dolls! They pooped peed andt we got to change diapers! She wants the one that poops and pees. Ok...I'm going to opt for the peepee one, because Lord knows I don't need anymore poops to clean up. They both sip and, I'm sure she won't miss the poop. Then again..maybe that's the part that makes it fun for the little girls. Ok...i just changed my mind. The poopy one it is!

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Dottie said...

Christmas shopping already....while I'd love to get it done I can't imagine it! No time...

I loved my Baby Alive doll. I loved mixing her little packets o food. :)