Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Moving Day Is Quickly Approaching!

Front of our new house1

Back of the house!

Ocean view from our house!

Living room with pretty hardwoods!

Sunroom view of ocean!

Yes...I'm excited! How could I not be?! My house will be on the ocean! I can have coffee in my sunroom and watch the water. I can enjoy the hardwoods in my old home and imagine all the families that went through the same military life that we are going through.

Crazy...I know. I'm watching CNN, though and taking in the Marines getting the Americans out of Lebanon. We need Marines. So, I take this life as giving back to this country that has given me a fabulous life. I'm getting a little mooshy, but it's true.

We all know I'm probably one of the most liberal military wives, but I must say...this military wife thing..has given me quite a nice life. We move...yes, but my husband has a great job. We're not together all the time, but I have a nice home to share with my family. It's dangerous, but life can be scary. Soooooo here it is..I'm feeling less in the complaining mood and more in the grateful mood.

Plus...I have you wonderful ones.


Choppzs said...

Holy Cow, is that Officer's housing?? lol Cause if it is, I should have made my husband stay in and become an officer!!! lol If not, well the rent must be a pretty penny!! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

"Navy" Officer housing! LOL...We've never had any officer housing this nice at any Marine base..lol. I know...we totally lucked out.

He just happened to get attached to a Marine company at a Navy base.

Dottie said...

How nice! I am so envious of your ocean view.

Choppzs said...

I should have known!!! lol You're right on the Marine housing, but even we lucked out in Hawaii and got the brand new houses they built. They were very nice and within walking distance of the beach too!! Awesome house and good luck in your move!

ThursdayNext said...

I know that there are beautiful things to come in your new home, and delicious cups of coffee to be poured there! It is so lovey.
Love, Amy

Peanutt said...

Nice ocean view you have there!!! Good luck on the move!!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Wow I'm excited for you

Jewl said...

Yup, definitley officers housing...LOL Because if that was enlisted I would never let my hubby get out!

Enjoy it, Congrats!

Andrea said...

I would love to live on the ocean....stumbled across yoru blog and have been enjoying reading it



LizzieDaisy said...

I will be down next week. To help you move in of course. Hee.

You know, we had to install our hardwood floors ourselves. You are so spoiled!

The house is awesome Christie. Enjoy!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

So you got that one! Alright! It looks soooooo fabulous. Good for you! Enjoy! I hope you stay there a long time.

Congrats on the new nephew, TiTi! How do you pronounce that? Is it what TKW thought?

Cat said...

Wow, how awesome, I posted too soon on the last post you made, LOL Great pics.

I am jealous! watch out for Hurricanes. (wink wink)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

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