Sunday, July 09, 2006

Isn't This My Blog???!!!!

Here's the scoop. The reason for my lack of blogging, isn't because of lack of things to share. No. It's because I'm read by the "inner circle!"

It shouldn't matter, should it? I should be able to just say what it is I want to say..but It isn't is such a free feeling. So here I am, working towards that freeing feeling. I've hidden the archives. I'm being less personal with names...hmmm oh and that's talking about faking the Os with sex. LOL. Not that I do..!!!! LOL. Oh who cares...we've all faked once in our lives right?!

Today is another open house day for the house. No offers, yet...but maybe one is around the corner. We're moving soon, before the end of July. I just want an offer and to be in Escrow. Not much to ask for is it?

Anywhoo....I'm blogging again. I just have the few ground rules and therefore I won't have to hear how mean I am.

Love You Guys..


Kami said...

Oooh, sounds juicy.

Say whatcha want, sista.

dakotablueeyes said...

oh yes your blog say what you want

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Je comprends

Dottie said...

It sucks when you have to censor yourself b/c people that shouldn't read it do and can't deal with what they read. Been there, done that. I've over it and back to blogging on the Daily Dose now though. I hope you sell your house rapidly and that the Open House was a success.

I'm sorry about your DD's arm, I hope that she isn't in to much pain.

Jewl said...

That is one thing that sucks about having family/friends read your Blog... you can't be 100 percent yourself.

[Mat] said...

yep, be mean.

Anonymous said...

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