Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caution! The Stairs Can Hurt!

So, I fell from the top of my stairs to the bottom of my stairs. My ass cracked, then my spine cracked down hard on a few wooden steps and sliding and bouncing in prep for the finale. The finale consisted if one final stair to the head slam to the back of my head, while holding and saving Mocha the entire way down!


I hit the occipital lobe  of  my STRONG IRISH BRAIN! If you're going to hit a part of your head, then that's the part of the brain to hit! However, it's been a week and I'm feeling shitty, still. I know there are so many people with worse things going on, out there. In my little world, this is huge. It's affected my everyday life. Am going to post a few pictures and stop typing, sip a little coffee, some water, and stop stimulating my vision. :)

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