Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She's That Brilliant?......Really...Really....?

So, you raise a brilliant child that gets accepted to many universities, and in those same acceptance letters she receives $12,000 worth of scholarships for each year of attendance at many of the same universities.

Would you be excited and flat out jumping around? Well, we were!!!!! Then, I got online and looked up all the costs. My breath was taken away. My husband and I are smart people and were prepared for tuition costs with room and board included. However, we were not, in our wildest dreams, expecting tuition in the norm of $30,000-$40,000 in tuition. Then when you include an average of $8500 in room and board, well just sucker punch me and take the wind out of my sail.

I'm so proud of her for getting into these magnificent universities! I'm am a proud mom! She worked hard to get into all of these schools and we will do everything in our power to help her get into a good school. It will be a good school that's ranked well and offers her a pre-professional biology program, that she's already been accepted into at many schools.

So, note to parents out there. Start saving now for college, now!!!!! If you are thinking of having children, then start saving now! Look up some good scholarship sites and the required FASFA form will help your student and you with any scholarship, grants, and loans that could be awaiting them, as well.

I will be posting info for other parents who may need some help, too in navigating around the scholarship realm of that scary word that is, college.


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