Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Blog Design...On It's Way....I HOPE!

I have purchased a new blog design! I am very excited about this! After all my attempts and failures to do this on my own, I thought it was time to go to a professional. I found someone who does some great designs on ETSY!

I'm waiting, though. I hope this works out and I get it up and installed by the weekend. Until then, I will continue to write.

Has anyone else had horrible experiences with the Fan/Like page on Facebook? I dislike! Why do they make it so hard to use? Facebook used to be easy, but these Fan/Like pages are beyond ridiculous. I am using it for my Giving Mom's Third Act for donating and announcing donating opportunities for those interested in giving or knowing individuals in need. With that I will sign out. and say tell me what you think about these crazy Like Pages!

Fingers are Crossed...!

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Christie E. Little said...

I do believe it's ok to mark my own post as cool, because that picture is soooooo cool!