Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another day ....The Same Thing.

Well, I thought things were going pretty well tonight. Homework was so much easier than last night and we had no tears or craziness! Dinner didn't burn dinner like last night when the pizza fell through the dracks of the the pizza pan with "air holes for crispy light crust." LOL...It's not so good with homemade pizza.

All of this was so far so good until about 9PM hit and then boom....same old same old. I need a deep breath and a little Klonopin to relax until the morning. I can get the kids off in no time at all and then I can go off to the Y and work out the areas in my world that just piss me off righ now! Ugh.....! Not much to complain about really, but jeez certain things just don't seem to ever change.

Yay, though, for no burned dinner! One for Christie..LOL.

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