Friday, July 03, 2009

MJ and Our Move

Ok, I'm over all of the Michael Jackson news. It's just completely on overload right about now. How many more times can we watch the same foootage...over and over. In all the news the last few days I don't remember hearing that Iran is going to have the English Embassy staff stand trial over the protests. Sad.

I've been organizing the house for the move next week. The packers will be here next Wednesday and Thursday...then the movers will be here Friday. After all of that we're off to Tampa. Another adventure. We have a wonderful house (with no Chinese drywall)and the schools for the kids are fabulous. What more could I want. Oh, and let's not forget the cruise ships leave from there,too. Disneyworld is an hour away. The kids are happy with that. I'm happy with the cruise ships.

Ok, off to see what's next on my list.

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Choppzs said...

I am really over MJ too!! I feel like so much more important stuff is being neglected because we all have to know a million times over what is in his will, and who has custody of the kids, and what outfits he wore that were the most popular!