Thursday, February 28, 2008


Long Time Gone
By Dixie Chicks
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I blinked and I missed it! February is gone! It's been a busy month for me. Projects are done and I'm ready for spring to just jump into our part of the world.

I'm soooo excited. I finally bought a new camcorder. My advice to others...Never ever ever ever purchase a DVD Camcorder. They're worthless if you plan on doing any movie editing. I bought a new one with a hard disk and I'm going to get to post movies of us online for the family. Soooo happy!

Anyhoo...Happy Thursday. If you don't have the kids homework done and it's a rush on those little packets tonight...GOOD LUCK! IF you have the little ones you know what I mean! Somehow Thursday snuck up on me. :)


Dottie said...

Good to see you back! :) I hear you about being busy, my poor blog has been sadly neglected.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Hi Friend. It's just funny how life happens and the busy just slams us. Thinking of you and hope you are well.

Choppzs said...

long time no see girl! Sounds like all is well, just busy. Same over here!

I had the homework packet thing going on yesterday too, and's still not done! lol

Wethyb said...

Happy March :)

The Kept Woman said...

Hey, just stopping by to say hi!!!! Oh and happy St. Patty's Day!