Monday, December 03, 2007

I LOVE MONDAYS! yes I really do!

Edited 10AM: Some parts of this post I seem a little pathetic, but trust's my own way of sarcasm and Life is really good. One more thing though. Kelsey tried out for Cheerleading. She was cut at the very end. She was terrific and brave for trying out. Here's the thing that just boggles my mind. She made it through the grueling two week tryout process. They only cut her at the very end and told her she didn't make it because of her kidney, or lack there of one. How on Earth does having only one Kidney make a little girl ineligable for cheer. I'm stumped. Her doctor didn't have a problem with her and soccer or swimming. Her doctor (pediatrician) passed her on the physical. It's not like it's a co-ed high school team. I guess I should have had her urologist sign her off as ok. I'm just bummed for her. However...she's ok today.

Why do I love a Monday? Everyone is at school...I can enjoy a hot yummy cup of coffee and get some writing done. My brain rejuvenates. It's good. We all know how good my coffee is..:) I wish I could make you a yummy cup.

How about that snow..? I have a hard enough time dealing with the 50s that I'm getting today. If we had an inch here, there would totally be a snow day. I'm serious.

Hanukkah starts this week. I've decided on a portrait of the kids for the family gift this year. It's adorable. I'll have to get it scanned in to show you all.

My sister has a cute t-shirt like this one. I guess it states to the world that yes..some of the girls in our family will be accepted by the parents of the Jewish boys we fall in love with and the schiktza in the group won't be. :)Sigh...another story, but I digress. She's safe with the new boyfriend, because she celebrates both. Funny when my sweet Half Phillipino Jewish Nephew is more of a celebrater of both than me LOL. Crazy Family. LOL.

Poor Mocha is getting his identity confused. It's really not his fault.
Ava: Mommy when you're out buying me some shirts today, can you get Mocha another girly outfit, too?

He does look so cute, though, doesn't he? It's not like he knows what a boy know?

What else..?
Just have a good safe day in that awful weather. I can't even fathom that much snow. Oooooh I did have some interesting dreams last night, but I'll save the past for another day.

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