Monday, December 04, 2006

Who Knew....?

According to my one of my web addictions (besides and lol..yep I'm a loser) RealAge.Com .....

Wake Up and Smell the Peppermint

Feel like you're in a food coma after a week of Thanksgiving leftovers? Get a whiff of this.

The scent of peppermint is like a drill sergeant, telling your brain to "Wake up and focus!" New research shows that you pay better attention to dull-but-must-do jobs when this scent is around. So the next time you're mentally sluggish, grab a candy cane, chew a stick of peppermint gum, or inhale the scent of mint-infused oil, and then listen to your brain say, "Can do!"

Why didn't I know about this during those mornings after being up all night with the little ones? A little peppermint and I'd be totally on task! LOL!!!!

Hmmm...I wonder if a yummy Starbucks would work. Maybe they even paid to have this put out right now to sell more of the Starbucks Peppermint! No, but it does make me crave for one right about now.

Ok..maybe a candle would work instead of a $4 500 calorie latte. It just wouldn't taste as good. :)

Happy Peppermint Filled Monday!!!!

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