Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coffee with friends....

Ok friends...

Who's in the mood to meet halfway for a good cup of coffee...or diet coke on ice..lol?

Anyone Anyone....?

  • I miss living close to any friends. I don't have any here yet. It sucks.
  • The ocean is calm this morning. The sun is glistening off so sweetly.
  • Mmmm my coffee is yummy. I'm cradeling my sweet mug like it's my good old friend.
  • Getting ready to do the whole hubby away thing again. Ugh.
  • Going for my mani and pedi today. I soooooo need it.
  • Thank God for Tivo!
  • I'm starting to enjoy the blogging again. :)
  • Thanks you guys...




Cat said...

hey girl, I am ready!

I have been here over a year now, still no hangout girlfriends yet. My fault though.

Love Love this song girl.

what I wouldn't give for a mani and pedi, had to stop those while hubby was off work. will start back up as soon as we catch up! I can't wait. I so need it.

Take care girl!

Dottie said...

It was so cool here this morning that I think that I would almost drive all the way down to share a diet coke and some warm FL sunshine with you! :)

Enjoy your mani and pedi today, it sounds simply divine!

Have a great day, sorry to hear your Hubby is going to have to be gone again.

ThoughtsGalore said...

LOL...Dottie! I am in VA. The Coast, though..lol. We allllmmmmooooost moved to northern FL, but the military can change things in a heartbeat and they did.

The Kept Woman said...

Today I have a bad attitude and hate my new location. The no friends thing is just a bummer...I hate it. Here's to finding your P!

Jewl said...

Moving and the no friends thing sucks. Sorry... Won't be long though and you'll meet some people. Hmmm, how far away are you? :)
How long is the hubby going away? Mine is going away for a couple of weeks in Oct.
Did you take that nap yet or what? LOL

Peanutt said...

I will meet you half way! I think I need a vacation! I hope things are well for you and you have a beautiful location!!!!

Dottie said...

My blogging haitus must have caused me to miss the VA thing. OOPS! LOL What the heck, if your near the beach, it's still worth the drive :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

No worries about the Hiatus. I've been on one too. It's nice to be back and not feel disconnected from things.