Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coach Wristlet Contest!

Hi Friends!  We have a team promotion going on this month in Mary Kay....and as a client, friend, or someone simply interested in winning a Prize, you can win a Coach Wristlet for watching a short video!!

And, as of right now, we have very few entries (under ten) so far, so odds are in your favor.  I'm competing with my fellow Mary Kay friends to have the most entries, so I'd LOVE your help if you could watch a quick video and submit feedback online?  Would you be game?

To enter, you watch this short video about the Mary Kay Opportunity and then submit feedback afterwards.

HOW TO PLAY: You are invited to watch a Mary Kay Opportunity video like this one:
And then you can ENTER for the Coach Wristlet by submitting feedback on this link: http:...//


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Michelle Cunningham said...

I love THIS! You're amazing Christie!!!