Friday, January 23, 2015

Earn Your Next Act! Pink Bubble!

Is there really any reason why you wouldn't want to try something that could earn you a new life, my friends, and you know who I'm talking to right now! You know few know so many people and will earn 50% profit on EVERYTHING! You need a few contacts. Don't let color cosmetics, or anything, for that matter scare you off from making money and starting your own business. I have become the lead sales earner in our unit of over 200! I focus on SKIN CARE! It's AMAZING and has chang...ed my life. I will fly to you, SKYPE, FACETIME, or TALK on the phone. Low on the money? I will work with you and my January Special. Let's get you a free car and insurance in 3-4 Months. My director, the amazing Michelle Cunningham, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director is here ! for US! She just earned and is now driving her a Pink Cadillac. Let's Do This! 813-767-4756!

If you're ready to change your life and start something new, while making money, prizes, and even earning yourself a new car then my team is ready for YOU! You are special and deserve everything you are willing to put into it!

I'm building my team daily and we ROCK! Take the risk and be part of my January Fab 5! My office has a special deal anyone joining my team during the month of January! This is the month I move into a new leadership position with Mary Kay. All the benefits and joy that come alone with it are incredible!

Join Me! Work Hard! Earn Your Next Act!

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